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Jewelry artisan Kalika Nicole grew up on the island of Maui, Hawaii and now proudly calls Nevada home. Kalika has always enjoyed different facets of art including photography, interior design, drawing and recycling furniture but most of all of all is her passion for making jewelry. Kalika Nicole Designs is a distinctive line of handcrafted jewelry that can best be described as bohemian and free spirited. Artist Kalika Nicole uses a variety of mixed gems, leather, metal accents, and other found objects. Each piece is created with intention and love. She hopes that the wearer will feel the positive vibrations and energy that goes into making these beautiful works of wearable art. Custom orders are available and welcomed.


Kalika Nicole Designs

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Red Coral Earrings
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  • "Birds of a Feather"

    This free spirited beauty called "birds of a feather" is made with a copper patina feather mixed gems, turquoise, and a bird whom is searching for its wings.

    this piece is one of a kind.

    Measures approx. 32"

  • "Harmonious Kimia"

    Kimia is another word for silver. Wear this agate slice and tap into your inner goddess. Beautifully handcrafted and one of a kind.

Multimedia collage

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